July 8-14, 2018

Black = Competition | Red = Workshop/Event | Blue = Awards

Day Event Start Time End Time Location
Sunday -July 8th Registration 12PM 5PM Laurel Park Place
 Cyclocross 4PM 6PM Cass Benton – Hines Park
 Freestyle Judging Workshop 7PM 8PM TBD

Monday – July 9th Registration 8AM 8PM TBD
 Freestyle Individual & Pairs 10AM 3PM PARC
 Basketball 3PM 6PM  PARC
 Interclub Meeting 3PM 4PM   PARC
-Freestyle Individual & Pairs
6PM 6:30PM   PARC
 Club Practice 6PM 8PM  PARC

Tuesday – July 10th Criterium 8AM 11AM Ward Church
 X-Style 12PM 2PM  PARC
 Massages(free massages) 1PM 4PM   PARC
 Hockey 2PM 4PM  PARC
 Freestyle Meetup 2:30PM 3PM   PARC
 Urban Levels Workshop 3:30PM 4PM   PARC
 Freestyle Club & Group 4PM 7PM  PARC
-Freestyle Club & Group
 Pub Crawl 8:30PM 10PM TBD

Wednesday – July 11th Muni 8AM 3:30PM Maybury State Park
 Flatland 4PM 9PM ITC Park

Thursday – July 12th 10K 10AM 1PM Nankin Mills – Hines Park
 Trials & Long/High Jump 2PM 7PM Tipton Academy Gym
 Juggling Workshop 6:30PM 7:30PM Tipton Academy Gym
 Intro to Yo(yoyo) 6:30PM 7:30PM Tipton Academy Gym
-Trials and Long/High Jump
7:30PM 8PM Tipton Academy Gym
 USA Meeting 8PM 9PM Tipton Academy Gym
 Flaming Puck Hockey 9PM 10:30PM Tipton Academy Gym

Friday – July 13th Track 8AM 4PM TBD
 Workshop 9:30AM 10:30AM TBD
 Urban Destination 8AM 4PM Ann Arbor
 Public Show
i. Expert Pairs
ii. Winning Club
iii. Winning Group
iv. RTUC 6 Foot Routine
v. Mini Battle: X-Style or Flatland

Saturday – July 14th Marathon 8AM 12PM Merriman Hollow – Hines Park
 Learn to Ride Workshop 9AM 11PM Merriman Hollow – Hines Park
 Street 12:30PM 5:30PM Concrete Jungle Skatepark, Westland
 Final Dinner & Movie Night 6PM 9PM Newburg United Methodist Church, Livonia
-Overall Competitors
7:30PM 9PM Newburg United Methodist Church, Livonia

Tentative – Updated as of: 6/14/2018