The Urban competitions include those events held outside on pavement using a trials or flatland unicycle and man-made obstacles.

Urban events include:


4pm-9pm Wednesday @ ITC Park
In the flatland competition, riders compete to do the best tricks on flat pavement. There is a preliminary round to decide who will compete in the final, and a battle-style final round. There are separate categories for Advanced, Jr. Expert, and Expert.


12:30pm-5:30pm Saturday @ Concrete Jungle Skatepark
In street, riders compete to do the best tricks using a set of urban-style obstacles (boxes, stairs, rails).  Usually, there are three “zones”, and multiple riders compete, taking turns. There are separate categories for Advanced and Expert.

Urban Destination

8am-4pm Friday @ Ann Arbor
There’s a new event at NAUCC this year!
We’re introducing a new event we’re calling “Urban Destination”. In short, it’s an urban take on the standard uni tour of the city. Riders will be traveling together, via bus, and be competing in trick challenges or small informal competitions at the various riding spots throughout the day, and seeing some of the sights of the Ann Arbor area!

It is recommended that you are comfortable riding in an urban/street setting, or an extreme willingness to learn. In order to compete in the challenges/competitions, you MUST be wearing a helmet! If you would like to attend this event, it is an extra 5$ when registering.


Required safety gear: shin pads and helmet for all urban events