Track Events

8am-4pm Friday @ Liberty Middle School Track
The track competitions include typical track races, some specialized unicycle races, and the obstacle course (IUF Slalom). All of the track races have a maximum wheel size and minimum crank length. There is box that your tire must fit inside for the unicycle to be legal. For most riders, the wheel must not be more than 24”, and the crank arm length must not be shorter than 125mm. For riders 10 years of age or less (who choose to ride in the 20” category), the wheel must not be more than 20”, and the crank arm length must not be shorter than 100mm. All races will be started using a starting gun. Each rider is allowed one false start. A false start is classified as when the front of a rider’s wheel crosses the line before the starting gun goes off. After two false starts, the rider will be disqualified from the race.

After all of the age heats have run, the fastest eight males and the fastest eight female riders will ride the race again in an expert heat. The winner of the expert heat is declared the North American Champion of that event. There are expert heats for all of the races except for the Obstacle Course, where the top times are tabulated to determine the overall winners.

Required safety gear: shoes, knee pads, gloves

NOT ALLOWED: Studded Pedals, Metal on seats or anything other than plastic seat holds.


In the 800m race you are allowed to remount. In all other races a fall disqualifies you. Races are run in heats by age category starting with the oldest age category first.

30m/10m Wheel Walk:

In this race you walk the wheel for 30m (10m for the youngest riders). Crank arm length does not matter for the wheel walk race.

50m One Foot:

In this race you ride one footed, and will have to be transitioned into the skill before a marked line which is 5m from the starting line.

IUF Slalom: (Obstacle Course)

You have two tries to negotiate a path around a set of traffic cones in the shortest amount of time. You are allowed to hit the cones, but not knock them over. You may have a practice turn before you go for a time, but you have to establish that it is either for practice or to be timed with whomever is timing before you begin the course.