Freestyle competitions are a chance for riders to show off their artistic side. Set to music, competitors choreograph a routine complete with showmanship and a costume. Freestyle routines are done either individually, in pairs, in groups, or as a club. Also in the Freestyle category will be X-Style, which uses a different judging system.

To allow riders to compete against others who are at a similar skill level, the individual and pairs competitions are split into three categories: novice, intermediate and expert. To determine proper category placement, riders can use the USA Skill Levels as a guide.

novice (level 1-3)

intermediate (level 4-6)

expert (level 7+)

The freestyle competitions are judged equally on both technical skill and artistic presentation.

Individual Freestyle:

10am-3pm Monday @ PARC
The time limits are as follows: novice (2 minutes), intermediate (3 minutes), expert (4 minutes).

Pairs Freestyle:

10am-3pm Monday @ PARC
The time limits are the same as for the individual freestyle competition.

Group Freestyle:

4pm-7pm Tuesday @ PARC
This is a competition for groups of 3 or more riders not necessarily associated with a single club. A rider may perform in only one group routine. The time limit is 3 minutes.

Club Freestyle:

4pm-7pm Tuesday @ PARC
Each USA-affiliated club can field one group of 3 or more riders for this competition. The time limit is 5 minutes.


12pm-2pm Tuesday @ PARC
X-Style is an event for riders to show off their highest level and most favorite skills. Riders mix together freestyle and flatland skills with creativity and ingenuity. The competitors are judged solely on the skills that they complete. Presentation and falls do not count like in other Freestyle competitions.

In X-Style, starting groups of ten or fewer riders compete against each other, and the top three riders advance to the next round. In prelims, riders are given a minute and a half to show off their best skills. In the final round, the top riders compete against each other with a two-minute run. Judges will be selected from other starting groups or from non-competing volunteers.