Distance Riding

The road races are held outside on bike paths or on the street using a geared or ungeared large-wheel unicycle (unlimited category) or a standard 24” unicycle for the 10k or criterium (standard category).

​Required safety gear: shoes, gloves and helmet

Distance Racing events include:


10am-1pm Thursday @ Nankin Mills – Hines Park
The 10k race covers a distance of ten kilometers (6.2 miles) on open roads. There are separate categories for large wheels and standard 24” wheels (20” for the youngest riders).


8am-11am Tuesday @ Ward Church
The criterium typically covers a distance of 5k to 10k by doing multiple laps around a technical course. This format makes the race fun for the spectators. There will be three categories for standard, unlimited and 20″ for the youngest riders.


8am-12pm Saturday @ Merriman Hollow- Hines Park
This year’s marathon will be held during Hines Park Bike Day, which is held every Saturday in the warmer months. During bike day, the roads are completely shut down to motor vehicles. Although the route is rather flat, spectators and spotters will have access to the entire route, allowing for quick response times to injuries.